Aneela Ahmed Junaid | June 2, 2019
It’s summer! A time for #Edu21 students to have a summer holiday to take care of themselves. But in case, if you do have some energy to reflect on a project-based learning (PBL) or to do some planning, here are some manageable ideas Edu21 offers you to consider for revising what you’ve done in the past without creating too much new work.


Keep, Adjust, or Trash:
Looking over the projects you as students worked on at #Edu21 such as Protecting the Planet, United Nations’ SDGs, World Explorer, Robotics, Helping Animals, Water Conservation, Innovate Your Dreams, Solar System, Human Machine, Forces and Motions, Sound Cloud, Volcanoes, Farm House and many more, make the important and yet time-saving decision about whether to keep the project as is, make some small adjustments, or cut it from your schedule.


Sometimes a project our students design is a hit—students love it and create buzz for future students. but also sometimes, a project is pretty good and just needs some adjustments. However, it is completely OK throw a project away, maybe because it was a complete flop or just seemed to lose its luster due to certain reasons like time and changing student interests.

During these summer holidays, make decisions about what to keep, modify, or drop first in your planning so you know where to begin and what to do.


Map out the projects:
After curating projects that you need to work on and after you’ve identified needed revisions, map them out to see where they fell in the previous school year and then consider what tweaks to that project are needed.


Sometimes a project is so engaging that it might best be used at a time in the school year when engagement is low and the other activities are limited. . If you have the flexibility, move projects around to keep momentum. you can also decide for breaks from PBL—times when projects don’t fit or when students might benefit from another way to learn important content and skills.

Since, Edu21 offers students-centered education, it is you students to decide when and what project to begin.


Identify Opportunities for New Projects:

After students have created your year map for existing projects, look for gaps in the schedule or opportunities for a new project. Depending on your available time and energy, you might try to plan two new projects, but even one new project is powerful and worth the effort to plan.


Since Edu21 believes in students’ voice and choice so In this summer holidays, Edu21 advises our students to think of new ideas to present a new project when you rejoin the school, be the best, be the founder of the project and its a promise that if your proposed project is really on merit, all the credits will be given to the founder of the project.


Set later planning time:

I suggest setting aside time for each project individually, instead of trying to do them all in one sitting. You might set aside 30 minutes for a project revision, or maybe two hours with colleagues to start designing a new project when you return to school. At the moment you don’t have to do the planning itself—just set a clear goal and intention to revise and plan later.


Spend Some Time Online:
Instead of starting from scratch, spend some time perusing project libraries online or look for a post about a PBL on our Facebook page here or search for projects on any other platform.

Sleep on it:
Now it’s time to shuck off. You’ve done great work on the projects already and have put in some thinking—it’s best to leave your ideas for later, when the school year is about to start. You’ll come back feeling refreshed and with fresh eyes ready to plan some great PBL experiences again.

Finally, I’d also advise the parents to read this blog carefully and encourage and appreciate your children  to do the needful as written above in this article. I am so delighted that some of the parents have already started sending me their children videos while they’re working on the projects either done already in previous school year or new projects.

The writer is an educator and Principal of Edu21-The 21st Century School in Islamabad, Pakistan. 

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